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My Journey to Cookie Decorating

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Meet Lisa

Hi there! I’m Lisa He, owner of Borderlands Bakery. If you’re new here, welcome! Baking with Borderlands is my opportunity to share the knowledge I’ve gained so that you can make cookies that wow the crowd. In my ten years of cookie decorating, I’ve used numerous techniques along with trial and error to produce the results you see today. Our course offering will focus on strategies to create the most impact with the least amount of effort, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Please visit our site or social media channels through the links below to learn more about us and stay tuned for the official launch of Baking with Borderlands!

Kind words from past students!

“I’m a hobby baker that just got into cookies this year. The first I tried decorating, it was a mess! My cookies spread everywhere and the icing was all wrong. Lisa from Borderlands Bakery has helped me SO much on my journey. From her class on making royal icing to her lettering YouTube video, she’s impacted every part of how I decorate cookies. I’ve taken a bunch of her online classes and I really love her teaching style. She does such a nice job explaining the step, demonstrating it, and then giving you time to try it yourself. She always tries to answer questions and is so helpful! She’s pushed me to put myself out there and keep trying and improving. I consider her to be a cookie decorating role model and
know I wouldn’t be where I am now without all that she’s taught me!”

Holly W.

“I have been very fortunate to have taken three classes with Lisa in her home. She is a very generous and patient teacher. Willing to answer any question and share her talent and knowledge. Each class was demonstrated step by step with Lisa offering help and guidance along the way.

I started to make cookies as a hobby to keep myself busy when my daughter went off to college. My nieces got wind of my new hobby and asked me to make cookies for their birthdays. Lisa’s classes, and online website, taught me the techniques and tools I needed to be successful in my new hobby. I have enclosed a picture of the cookies I made in
February for Aly’s 4 Birthday.
Thank you Lisa, she loved them!”
Kelly A.

“When I started my cookie journey approx one year ago I came across Lisa’s borderlands Instagram page and it was a
game-changer. She literally goes out of her way to give tips on everything from icing consistency, to projector info, how to
grow your business, and beyond. I can honestly say that most of what I learned in my first year in regard to making and
decorating my cookies, came from Lisa. I am forever thankful”

Jenny L.

“From sugar cookies to macarons, Lisa from Borderlands Bakery has always been super helpful. She is quick to reply to questions and the answers are either specific to my question or she points me in the right direction. I recall one time she even asked me for a picture to better “diagnose” a macaron issue. I have learned a lot from her tutorials, videos and tips/tricks. I will be a faithful Borderlands follower forever.
Thank you Lisa!”

-Brittany A.

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